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grow brave counselling

Sandra Plant

Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator - Brisbane

I Respect those who smile in trouble, gather strength from distress and grow brave by reflection.


Tea Time

Grow Brave Counselling is located on the Northside of Brisbane, about 10 minutes from Albany Creek and Samford. Sandra is a qualified Counsellor, Social Worker and has a Psychology degree. She is also qualified to utilise the frameworks of Brene Brown's Daring Greatly curriculum and Body Psychotherapy practices.

Sandra integrates different frameworks and theories to provide a gentle approach to counselling, meeting the client where they are. Some of these frameworks include strengths based practice, psychodynamic theory, systems theory, feminist post structural theory, trauma informed theories and critical theory.

Some of the issues Sandra specialises in include:

  • relationship challenges (including feeling devalued in relationships)
  • grief and loss
  • depression and anxiety
  • support for parenting
  • healing past trauma
  • developing shame resilience (healing the 'not enough')
  • personal growth work

Sandra creates a safe counselling space on the Northside of Brisbane for clients to tell their stories, feel heard and valued, and reconnect to themselves. In this space clients can learn the value of self-compassion, share their vulnerabilities, re-centre themselves around their own values, and learn how to stand in their own personal power.

All this while sipping a cup of tea!

The Daring Way

Currently Sandra is one of the only licenced counsellors in Brisbane accredited in facilitating the work of Brene Brown and her Daring Greatly and Rising Strong curriculums. Brene's work is based on understanding that vulnerability is the birthplace of all joy, love and courage in our lives. Brene also skills us with tools to navigate vulnerability in order to lead more wholehearted lives from a place of connection, compassion and courage! - learn more